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We offer comprehensive services and system solutions for your content management needs. These range from the collaborative creation of content to the automated production of fact sheets or customer presentations with dynamic data.

«Nowadays, tailor-made software solutions can generate enormous efficiency gains for marketing and increase the effectiveness of the sales team.»

— Uli Meier, Director at gateB

Modern marketing has more tools and channels available than ever before. The dialog between brands and companies and their customers is conducted in real time — and is increasingly personalized. Customers today expect individual and competent advice and communication. Modern software solutions can make the life of marketing and sales teams much easier.

With a content hub, for example, sales employees can focus fully on fulfilling customer wishes because the creation of sales materials is largely automated. What's more, these are always up to date due to the automated embedding of dynamic data.

Our web-based sales enablement portals form the heart of the sales process. They are the central repository for all sales-relevant documents, from product data sheets and fact sheets to testimonials, best practices, training materials, and manuals. The assets can be accessed effortlessly – anytime, anywhere – and the content is automatically adapted to the respective output device, be it a notebook, a tablet, or a smartphone. The clear structure and clever indexing make the assets easy to locate, and the central administration ensures that all files and information are up to date. At the same time, the marketing department can also measure how frequently content is used by the sales department, determining the most useful resources.

Case Study


Learn more about how Zurich strenghtened its global sales structures and processes with a sales enablement portal.

A central element of successful content management is digital asset management. This allows all marketing- or sales-relevant files to be managed centrally and available anytime and anywhere. This simplifies many processes while ensuring CI and CD conformity in all corporate communications. Digital asset management is often part of a more comprehensive solution, such as a marketing and brand portal.



Learn why a marketing portal is essential for an agile marketing team and relevant and consistent brand communication.

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