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Intelligent Customer Engagement

We help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers. This enables you to communicate with them even more personally, which ultimately supports their satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment.

With our social listening platform, you gain strong, actionable insights about your industry and your customers. Trends and customer opinions are registered at an early stage, allowing you to quickly take targeted measures. This makes your product development more efficient and your campaign management more effective, helping to increase your customers' commitment to your brand.

With our customer insight snapshot, you gain a 360° view of your customers by merging all relevant customer data from different sources. The structure of your customer profiles is visualized in such a way that it is intuitively understandable. This allows you to optimally allocate your marketing budget and ultimately increase your marketing return on investment.

«Together, we master the challenges of digital transformation and produce significant change.»

— Robert Schumacher, Director at gateB

With behavior-based segmentation of your customers, you can use data analysis to build even more accurate, smaller segments and operationalizable personas. As they are fed more data, these segments continue to evolve automatically so that your communication can be more responsive to the individual needs of your customers.

Predictive analytics can be used to predict the probable behavior of customer segments. This way, you're positioned to enact measures in good time to prevent churn or to take the next best action in general, such as a cross-selling or up-selling proposal.



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Trigger-based marketing can also help you increase the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing measures. We can help you identify triggers that set defined actions into motion. By acting in step with your customer, you create more sustainable customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction.

Our omnichannel engagement platform bundles planning, execution, and reporting for all marketing activities on one platform. This gives you a constant overview and allows you to continuously optimize your campaigns and other efforts based on the reports. What's more, you can use this platform to personalize customer profiles and individually address customers, forming the basis for an excellent customer experience and loyal customers.

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