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Essential Marketing Tools: How a Marketing Portal Supports Success 

September 5, 2018

6 reasons for a marketing portal

Brand management and marketing operations teams in large companies face a significant challenge: they must get every sales and marketing employee along with everyone else involved, from agencies to partners, to use the correct, CI-compliant marketing materials at all times. Further complicating matters, these teams are often spread across the globe, using different file management systems and other regional tools, or have their own methods of storing and reusing assets and content.

There is a solution to this challenge. Marketing teams can implement a marketing portal and tailor it to their needs to achieve the following:

  1. Ensure brand consistency
  2. Make assets accessible
  3. Tame the content flood
  4. Facilitate regional adaptation
  5. Simplify multichannel publishing
  6. Accelerate marketing processes


Learn why a marketing portal is essential for an agile marketing team and relevant and consistent brand communication.

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