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Swiss Marketing Day 2018

March 8, 2017

Total Customer Experience

"Total Customer Experience" was the theme of this year's Marketing Day - a promise with many facets. Stefan Michel, Professor of Marketing and Service Management at IMD and Member of the Board of Directors of Bossard AG, impressed us particularly with his presentation. To him, the question of how we can help clients improve their engagement is in the foreground, because companies often do not pay enough attention to the actual customer problems and are too self-absorbed in their products. Lego should not be pegged as a building block manufacturer, but a provider of family experience; Bossard is not a screw company, but a problem solver of entire assembly & production processes; British Airways is not only an airline, but is perceived as a provider of services throughout the entire customer journey – from booking and check-in at the airport to immigration control.



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End-customer problems, expectations, and wishes must be identified along the customer journey and from the customer's point of view. They should be addressed with specific offers. How can we help clients improve their engagement? This is a crucial question that must be answered in the context of a total customer experience in order to generate added value for the end customer. If it is successful, as the examples of Goba, Geberit, Digitec Glaxus and John Deere show, the total customer experience becomes a decisive competitive advantage.

We support national and international customers in bringing the topic of customer experience to the foreground. Defining the strategy and offers is one thing, but implementing them with relevant content and as much automation as possible is just as important for the success of the company.

This requires data-based processes and the right tools.

The Swiss Marketing Day
The Swiss Marketing Day is the most important event in the Swiss marketing industry. The event addresses the future of marketing and looks at the 3 to 5 years ahead. The organizer of the Marketing Day is the Swiss Marketing Forum. 100 partners and sponsors support the event.

The theme of this year's 14th edition was "Total Customer Experience. Numerous companies presented their best practices along the Customer Journey to the 1,100 attendees. 

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