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"Digital Summit Switzerland" by digitalswitzerland

November 6, 2018

The impossible becomes possible

Digitalization is not an end in itself, but evolves in the service of people. Culture and corporate values are decisive for success. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Some take-aways from the "Digital Summit".

At the 1st "Digital Summit Switzerland" of digitalswitzerland in the Zurich Hotel Dolder, the who is who of the Swiss digital pioneers met and discussed the current state of digitalization in Switzerland compared to the world, dangers and opportunities provided by the new technologies. In addition, visions were developed and possible future developments discussed. It became clear that digitalization does not take place separately from man and society, but penetrates the latter and progresses parallel to it. Federal President Alain Berset already expressed this view on the Digital Day a week ago.

The key messages from a number of presentations:
- Ulrich Spiesshofer, CEO ABB, pointed out which technological developments already exist and are indispensable, and he emphasized that the culture and values of a company are still decisive for the cohesion of a company.
- Christos Cabolis, Chief Economist & Head of Operations IMD, explained where Switzerland stands in European and international comparison in terms of digitalization. It is often among the top five in corresponding rankings. However, this must not be a reason to lean back satisfied, otherwise you threaten to lose the connection to the top.
- Patrick Warnking, Country Manager Google Switzerland, argued in his presentation that Switzerland should invest in education, especially in STEM subjects, and that more young women should be inspired to do so.
- Robert Gentz, Founder Zalando, stressed the importance of a clear focus when designing business models and showed what role this played in the successful online venture Zalando.

«The possibilities opened up by digitalization are almost endless. But the opportunities must also be seized and the human being must not be forgotten.»

— Robert Schumacher, gateB

The lecture by Daniel Wiegand, one of the founders of Lilium, was particularly exciting. The example of Lilium shows very impressively what becomes possible with the rapid technological developments. Lilium is working on the development of autonomously controlled small aircraft, which furthermore take off and land vertically. According to Wiegand, such vehicles are even less complex in implementation than autonomous automobiles, since there is a smaller number of different situations in the air that have to be included in the calculation.

The digital possibilities are almost limitless. As a company we have to recognize the opportunities and use the potential of data and technology profitably. gateB supports national and international companies in transforming their digital potential into faster, smarter, and better customer relationships.


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