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gateB at the censhare Partner Days 2019

April 5, 2019

Presentation of a gateB & censhare success story

The censhare Partner Days
are an annual event where Censhare partners gain deep insights into their strategy, product updates and architecture, new features and outlook. This year gateB was invited to present a use case from the financial industry.

A content hub for consulting and sales
Uli Meier, Director Multichannel Management at gateB, presented at the Censhare Partner Days in Bayrischzell (DE) a project that was realized for a Swiss financial institution and is constantly being expanded.

Based on Censhare, gateB created a content hub for the company, where all sales-relevant materials can be found, from the leaflet to the pitchbook to the presentation, and on which updated fact sheets for each product are created every month.

Automated creation of factsheets
The particular challenge here were dynamic data for charts and diagrams, which are automatically entered via an interface so that the factsheets are always up to date. The legal information, which differs from country to country, is also automatically adapted to the location of the respective relationship manager. As all this had to be done manually in the past, this results in enormous efficiency gains and higher quality assurance.

Compiling customer presentations ad hoc with up-to-date information
In addition, customer advisors can use the portal to compile customer presentations themselves, in the language and currency of their choice, while the portal ensures that everything is CI and CD compliant. These usually consist of 20 to 40 slides, some of which contain dynamic information and need to be updated ad hoc.



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