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Exploiting digital potential, strengthening customer focus

October 2, 2019

AMAG: Efficiency and transparency gains with a marketing and brand portal

The AMAG Group is an optimally positioned mobility provider that coordinates its range of services across more than 80 locations, various brands, and three language regions. At the heart of its marketing efforts is a central marketing portal, which gateB designed and implemented together with AMAG.

This brand portal delivers:

Efficient, brand-compliant creation of all advertising media
With a network of more than 500 dealers and partners, AMAG has a very branched sales structure. They also know that a great deal of customer knowledge is available locally. With the marketing and brand portal, local dealers can adapt and manage all advertising and marketing materials according to their own needs. The portal provides a centralized location from which all dealers can access templates to ensure CI and CD conformity at all times.

Coverage of the entire value chain
AMAG's comprehensive portal includes a media pool with all assets and templates and a web-to-publish area, plus an online merchandise shop and integrated marketing planning, including a workflow manager. Thanks to these functionalities, the portal helps AMAG unlock gains in efficiency and transparency at all levels of marketing.

Case Study


Download our case study to learn how the AMAG Group is leveraging digital potential and strengthening customer relationships with a marketing and brand portal.

Essential advantages of the portal are:

  • Massive cost savings in the creation of advertising materials
  • Shorter time-to-market through faster rollout of campaigns
  • Daily implementation of price adjustments and branding activities
  • Overview of the current budgets of all AMAG brands and work with marketing consultant partners as a basis for controlling spend and optimizing ROI
  • Connection of the entire marketing planning and implementation process across all brands

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