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Creating the Optimal Customer Journey with AI

January 11, 2019

Using machine learning to control the customer experience and optimize the customer journey

Today, the customer is at the center of marketing like never before. This is underscored by the increasing demand for hyperpersonalization, real-time response, and omnichannel marketing. Without artificial intelligence, the required level of customer centricity can no longer be achieved. 

A good customer experience means personalized and contextual communication – regardless of whether the customer is standing in front of you, visiting the website, reading an email, or contacting customer service. The customer has to be regarded holistically and reached on the basis of his or her unique behavior. Thanks to machine learning, this can be achieved through a self-perfecting customer profile and intelligently controlled customer journeys.



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The reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm – the same algorithm that numerous applications are already employing today for text, speech, and image recognition – learns, based on customer interactions, which measures are most successful. It discovers this by observing the entire customer journey over weeks or even months. With the goal of maximizing conversion rates, marketing campaigns and messages are triggered and the impact of each individual action is measured. Using this data, the algorithm continuously optimizes itself.

Together with our partner SAS, we want to support you in exploiting machine learning’s potential for your marketing department, helping you make your customer relationships faster, better, and smarter.

SAS – the leader in data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – has developed the Customer Intelligence Suite, which can be used to streamline and optimize customer journeys through machine learning. We are happy to show you how you can benefit from this groundbreaking tool, which strategy is best for you, and what an implementation might look like.

On January 24, 2019, SAS will organize an interactive afternoon in Zurich with exciting discussion partners from the insurance industry. Gain innovative impulses and inspiration from customer intelligence specialists.

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